Thursday, January 15, 2009

taking about long time??

yeah i really need to start getting into this blogging thing. my last post was a year account i am currently on artificial inteligence and software engineering two pretty cool classes the website has taken a badseat on my life since i need to get my school stuff first once i am done with that ill start working on it again.

i am really happy since ill should end my degree this year. also i did the 3 task for google highly open participation constest and got a 100 bucks check :D.

and i finally got attracted by facebook but not enought to have 100000 apps and a gazillion friends.

also i got a ipod touch for christmas kinda happy and looking into the possibilities of making programs and games for it. ill prob buy a mac next so i can do code on their propietary IDE.

and i learned how to integrate lua with c++

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Long time :P

well been a long time since i posted in here been doing some stuff. first i have bad news :( i failed calculus class so i am retaking it this month. i dont feel bad because i have improved a lot in the class and i am not that good at math so i know i will pass it. ;) next i been working this days on the website got some more stuff coded like the parties locator :D so expect seing that soon. also i need money for the website so i got in google highly open participation open source constest you help open source projects by coding and they give you 100 dollars for each 3 task. i already got one done starting the next one in some minutes. btw helping joomla :D with some task they needed. i even got feature in one of their news article not much about that but it was exciting. also i finally meet facebook :P its cool but not enought to grab my attention ;).

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


well going to write about some stuff.
Misc:i got a call from Kercado yesterday he needed me to add some info to his website about a new program hes opening for elementary school kids so i added the info to the website. Kercado its the Owner of Phoenix Military Institute i was part of it for 4 years till i had to come to Florida to study but i still help when i can :D and when i have time to go there when i am in Puerto Rico.
School: i pass English and Pre programming and i already started programming 1 and calculus. calculus is a fun class but... programming on the other hand its instructive but boring(maybe its beacuse we are still on basic stuff that i know or maybe its the teacher) but i got excited when a guy that already took the class came to me for help on pointers and dynamic allocated memory something that i have never seen and i help him :D. unfortunately what he wanted to do its not possible :S.
Dembow TV: been thinking on what to keep working on need to get the chat done so probably will start messing again with the socket server.
Rant: my programming teacher asked us to say high level programming language i say python and he told me thats more of a scripting language i was like...WTF

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Full Sail Game Dev Panel

School: well yesterday i go to a game design panel. it was awesome :D i learned a lot of stuff about the industry and about general game design stuff like. about what to do when you have this great idea for a game. mistakes they made when they were young in the industry what they learned about them. i also learned some stuff about the PS3 if i had the money i will get one :(.. and a tv.
Also my team its almost finished creating our preliminary game design document for English class. we have to hand it in this Monday :D. after that here comes Calculus-Trig and Programming

Game's: well i am working on my RFID addon for Garry's mod Wire mod. i hope they added officially one day to wire mod, maybe Wire2.
also portal its amazing it has a great storyline combined with great visual and ingenuity(in the sense it was made its brilliant)

Dembow TV: working on the Flash preloader for the chat. hope to get it working completely by next week.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My first post :D

i decided to make this blog so i could put stuff about me what i do daily and all that stuff i will try updating it as much as possible but don't expect a lot :S. i have a busy life.